Dedicated to furniture for four generations
Dedicated to furniture for four generations

Heirloom Quality Furniture Handcrafted in Maastricht, Netherlands. Since 1887

Established in the 1880’s we have been around furniture for 4 generations. Started off as a furniture restoration business which gradually evolved into buying and selling, there is little we have not seen when it comes to furniture.

In recent years we have returned to restoring and custom-building furniture using reclaimed French oak.

We believe furniture is an emotional investment in your family. Our heirloom Quality Furniture is built one piece at a time by our craftsmen. We have not reinvented the wheel; we just use time honored processes and techniques. The result is furniture that lasts and will be passed on into your family for generations to come.

Wolters Antiques is located at Cannerweg 111 in Maastricht and boasts 2800m2 antiques; home decorations and hand-knotted Persian rugs. Furniture is built, imported and exported worldwide and delivery on the European continent is taken care of by the own delivery service. When your order is placed each piece of furniture is handcrafted to your specific requirements. Intercontinental deliveries can also be arranged.