Visit us at our booth
Visit us at our booth

Upcoming Shows & Events 2023

We would love to welcome you to our store and show you the workshop and maybe some of Maastricht. But we understand that making it all the way to Maastricht is not always an option. Don’t worry! We’ll come to you! The list below is regularly updated, so keep checking from time to time!
We love Bazaars! 

  • January 26-29 Stuttgart Exchange, Germany
  • February 9-12 Chievres Air Base Exchange, Belgium
  • February 10-12 Kleber Valentine Bazaar Kaiserslautern, Germany
  • February 24-26 Navy Support Site, Gricignano di Aversa (Naples) Italy
  • March 10-12 ROB Bazaar, Kaiserslautern, Germany
  • March 16-19 Stuttgart Exchange, Germany
  • March 23–26 Spangdahlem Exchange, Germany
  • April 12-16 Wiesbaden Bazaar, Germany
  • April 20–23 Vilseck Exchange, Germany
  • April28-30 Chievres AB Spring Bazaar, Belgium
  • May 4-7 Stuttgart Spring Bazaar, Germany
  • May Aviano Spring Bazaar tbc
  • June 1-3 ROB Bazaar, Kaiserslautern, Germany
  • June 13-19 Wiesbaden Exchange, Germany
  • July 6 – 9 Stuttgart Exchange Germany
  • September Aviano Bella Befana Bazaar, Italy tbc
  • September 13-17 Ramstein Bazaar Germany
  • October 12-15 Crown Jewel Bazaar, Vilseck Germany
  • October 18-22 Wiesbaden Bazaar, Germany
  • November 3-5 Spangdahlem Bazaar, Germany
  • November 3-5 ROB Bazaar, Kaiserslautern Germany
  • November 15-19 Stuttgart Exchange, Germany
  • November tbc Foggy Fields Bazaar Geilenkirchen Germany